Welcome to America's Heroes First Foundation

Filling the unmet needs of our military and their families with the help of people like you.


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 Our Vision 

Reinstate to the maximum extent possible,
the wellbeing and quality of life of America’s
Military Heroes and their families who have
sacrificed their way of life to protect ours.

Staff Sergeant
Travis Mills

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A Unique fund Raising Concept

  • A national grassroots movement dedicated to serve America’s Heroes
  • 100% pass-through of donations to delivered benefits
  • Rapid turnover of “donations received” to “grants being made”
  • Research and due diligence to ensure reputable, effective programs are funded
  • Legally binding Grant Agreements that restrict use of funds to delivery of benefits
  • Post-grant monitoring to ensure funds are used as intended
  • Technology leveraged to minimize costs (automated payroll deduction system)

 Tributes to Our Heroes 


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